10 Juli 2016

JavaMoney Library

JavaMoney financial library, evolved from JSR 354 development.

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Welcome to the JavaMoney financial library.

JavaMoney-lib is a financial library that is built upon JSR 354 (or compatible libraries). Whereas the JSR 354 API and reference implementation provides the fundamentals like monetary amounts, customizable currencies and interfaces for interoperation this library adds additional powerful APIs and SPIs that were implemented during JSR development as a proof of concept:

  • calc finally provides a set of monetary calculations and formulas. The idea here is to provide a comprehensive set of algorithms and tools to perform complex financial mathematics.
  • bundles finally provides the library in different flavors, targeting different execution environments:
    • se loading SPIs only using the JDK ServiceLoader.
    • se-cdi loading SPIs based on a Weld SE container.
    • ee loading SPIs based on CDI in a Java EE environment >= EE6.

Authors and Contributors

Different people have contributed to this project. During the development of JSR 354, @atsticks and @keilw founded this project and were also the main contributors. Nevertheless everybody is really welcome to help us, to make this library more feasible and add features.


The JavaMoney Shelter module is for testing out new features or modules before they may enter the official JavaMoney library.