What is JavaMoney?

JavaMoney is the new monetary API for the Java™ Platform as well as related projects and libraries. Whereas the API (JSR 354) provides a portable and extensible API for handling of Money & Currency models, Moneta provides a production ready reference implementation.
The JavaMoney libraries add additional functionalities that were built on top of the API such as

  • Currency conversion
  • Currency mapping and namespaces
  • Basic financial calculations
  • Extended formatting (usable for arbitrary types)
  • Validity API, allowing to manage the validity of arbitrary data and relations related to time (history)

JSR 354 Specification (API)

Find more details on the API/specification here.

JSR 354 Reference Implementation (RI)

Check out the reference implementation here.

Technical Compatibility Kit (TCK)

Want to write your own implementation of JSR 354? Then you should also checkout and configure the TCK. Start here.

JavaMoney Financial Library

Find out more about the JavaMoney Financial Library here.