Class MonetaryAmountFactoryQuery

All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class MonetaryAmountFactoryQuery
extends AbstractQuery
Query to lookup instances of MonetaryAmountFactory, which are determined by the (minimal) capabilities required by the give use case. By default amount factories can be queried by
  • The maximal scale needed (THE ADDITIONAL fixed scale allows to define the minimal an maximal scale to be the same).
  • The maximal numeric precision required.
  • the target MonetaryAmount implementation type.
  • any other attributes, currently supported by the current factory and query implementation registered.

This class is thread-safe, final and serializable.

See Also:
Monetary.getAmountFactory(MonetaryAmountFactoryQuery), MonetaryAmountFactory, Serialized Form
  • Method Details

    • getMaxScale

      public java.lang.Integer getMaxScale()
      Get the maximal scale to be supported.
      the maximal scale, or null, if this attribute must not be considered.
    • getPrecision

      public java.lang.Integer getPrecision()
      Get the maximal precision to be supported.
      the maximal precision, or null, if this attribute must not be considered.
    • isFixedScale

      public java.lang.Boolean isFixedScale()
      Get the fixed scale flag to be supported. A fixed scale hereby means that the scale is always equal to the max scale (it could never be less).
      the fixed scale flag, or null, if this attribute must not be considered.
    • toBuilder

      Creates a new builder instances, initialized with the data from this one.
      a new MonetaryAmountFactoryQueryBuilder instance, never null.