Class AbstractQuery

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AmountFormatQuery, ConversionQuery, CurrencyQuery, MonetaryAmountFactoryQuery, RoundingQuery

public abstract class AbstractQuery
extends AbstractContext
Represents a general context of data targeting an item of type Q. Contexts are used to add arbitrary data that cannot be be mapped in a standard way to the money API, e.g. use case or customer specific extensions or specialities.

Superclasses of this class must be final, immutable, serializable and thread-safe.

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    • getProviderNames

      public java.util.List<java.lang.String> getProviderNames()
      Returns the providers and their ordering to be considered. This information typically must be interpreted by the singleton SPI implementations, which are backing the singleton accessors. If the list returned is empty, the default provider list, determined by methods like getDefaultProviderNames() should be used.
      the ordered providers, never null.
    • getTargetType

      public java.lang.Class<?> getTargetType()
      Gets the target implementation type required. This can be used to explicitly acquire a specific implementation type and use a query to configure the instance or factory to be returned.
      this Builder for chaining.